Turn Your Life Around

Break Free from Your Past to a New and Better You

"Life can be pretty unmerciful," writes Dr. Tim Clinton. "Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a financial challenge or ruin, betrayal, a bad marriage, an illness like cancer: all involve that sick feeling that life is not the way it is supposed to be. When it isn't, we work to recover what we lost. If the answers don't come quickly, stomachs start to turn, ulcers bleed, tempers flare, and the wounds begin to go deep into the soul."

Those soul-deep wounds can ignite spiritual and emotional devastation, Dr. Clinton warns, unless you stop the downward spiral into despair. "The good news," Dr. Clinton writes, "is that God is always at work to win our hearts. He loves to use our brokenness and powerlessness to send us fleeing back to Him. There is a path to healing if you will cast your eyes on the Lover of your soul!"

In TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND, Dr. Clinton leads you on a healing path to true intimacy with God and others. The upward spiral to hope begins as you realize your utter dependence on God and rest in His affection for you. When your life begins to produce the fruit of godly action inspired by accountability with other believers, you'll find yourself alive again!

This journey toward healing and wholeness is nothing less than a marvelous work of God—and one He is thrilled to help you along. As you work to regain your heart and love for God, Dr. Clinton writes, "All hell is against your success, but more importantly, all of heaven is devoted to your success! When the destroyer is defeated in your life, you can begin to savor every moment of life. Such is God's dream for our lives."

If loss has robbed you of hope, health, and spiritual freedom, read on. In these pages lies the way back to God and the abundant life He planned for you.

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