Why You Do the Things You Do

The Secret to Healthy Relationships

Why Is Connecting With People So Difficult? –Especially When You Care So Much?

The answer to why you feel, act and relate the way you do is found in your relationship style, which has its roots in your childhood. How successfully you form and maintain relationships throughout life, according to Drs. Tim Clinton and Gary Sibcy, is related to these early issues of bonding with the people in your life.

So how do you create satisfying relationships? Where do you begin? Right here!

In this transformational book, the authors use groundbreaking research to help you identify and define your first human connections. They've also developed four relationship styles that will shed light on why you do what you do—and how you can learn to love and be loved even better.

This eye-opening book gives you the understanding and the tools to not only steer away from negative patterns and break free of past mistakes but create new, satisfying connections with your spouse, children, close friends and God.

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