Before A Bad Goodbye

For couples at the breaking point, there is a third choice outside of divorce or a marriage in name only: reconciliation.

"If you're trying to reclaim a love that has nearly slipped through your fingers, you can't afford to miss this outstanding book."

—Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

"Just think about it for a moment: Put two sinners together under one roof and tell them to live happily ever after. Sound impossible? It is, unless God is the foundation. In Before a Bad Goodbye, Dr. Tim Clinton teaches us how to build that foundation one brick at a time. This is a must-read for a divorce-minded culture."

—Janet Parshall
Nationally syndicated talk-show host

"A resource for every couple to help them protect and preserve their love in marriage."

—E. Glenn Wagner
Pastor, Calvary Church
Charlotte, NC

"With spiritual encouragements, cognitive tools, and practical behavioral suggestions, Before a Bad Goodbye is a must-read for every married couple."

—Frank Minirth
The Minirth Clinic
Richardson, Texas

"If you feel your marriage is drowning, Before a Bad Goodbye may be just the life-preserver you need. Dr. Tim Clinton can help you repair and reclaim your love."

—Dave and Claudia Arp
Authors of The Second Half Marriage

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